Kristian Alexander


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Music Director, Kindred Spirits Orchestra
Music Director, International Music Academy
Artistic Director, Markham Contemporary Music

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April 14, 2017 at 8 p.m.

Kindred Spirits Orchestra

Markham Theatre for the Performing Arts

Markham, Canada


Tchaikovsky, The Tempest, Fantasy Overture
Rachmaninoff, Piano concerto No. 3, Op. 30
            Rudin Lengo, pianist
R. Strauss, Tod und Verklärung


May 20, 2017 at 8 p.m.

Kindred Spirits Orchestra

Markham Theatre for the Performing Arts

Markham, Canada


Brahms, Tragische Overture, Op. 81
Brahms, Piano concerto No. 2, Op. 83
            Younggun Kim, pianist
Sibelius, Symphony No. 5, Op. 63

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"Maestro Alexander’s interpretation was inspiring, carefully crafted and paced, sensitive and balanced, with beautiful lyrical expression and dramatic depth."
Ahram, Cairo

"Maestro Alexander maintained an exquisite balance between the soloist and orchestra, in turn discrete, supportive or cooperative." Ahram, Cairo

"Maestro Alexander's inspiring command of the [Cairo Symphony] orchestra produced a rich pallet of colourful sound that highlighted the unique style of each composer."  Al Messa, Cairo

"Il Maestro Kristian Alexander ha diretto in maniera impeccabile."
Courriere Canadese

"Inspiring conductor with strong discipline and attention to every detail - qualities that bring great classical pieces from all genres and styles to life." Markham Life

"Maestro Alexander is a wonderful musician with a strong vision and great practical knowledge about the orchestra. He can get the right sound, the right style... I’ve enjoyed our collaboration a great deal."André Laplante, pianist

"Kristian Alexander provides a finely balanced leadership that brings together a detail-oriented approach with inspiration for his fellow musicians." 
Jacques Israelievitch, former concertmaster of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra

"Kristian Alexander is a remarkable conductor. As a soloist, I had the freedom to play knowing that he and the orchestra are always there for me."  
Christina Petrowska-Quilico
, pianist

"Mr. Alexander's expressive manner to conduct inspired the orchestra immensely." Nurhan Arman, Music Director of Sinfonia Toronto

"The inspired, detailed interpretation, along with a passionate playing, brought to the forefront by Maestro Kristian Alexander, was excellent." 
Daniel Friedman
, composer

"The 'Mozarteum' symphony orchestra conducted by Maestro Kristian Alexander demonstrated a profound sensitivity towards the Mozart style and interpretation."
Nedialko Nedialkov, Music Director of the Bulgarian National Opera

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